Expert panel

Through Advance Queensland, the government will nurture an economy where Queenslanders, their children and grandchildren have positive job prospects long into the future. Many of the jobs that will be available to our children and grandchildren will be in areas that we cannot even imagine at this time. We must position ourselves to take advantage of improvements to innovation and knowledge.

The Advance Queensland Expert Panel (Expert Panel) will provide high level advice and direction to the Advance Queensland initiatives, and ensure the programs and funding provided through Advance Queensland are being effectively invested and targeted.

The Expert Panel will also provide advice and recommendations to government on future directions, opportunities and challenges in regard to science, innovation, economic development and the growth of the knowledge economy – and corresponding jobs – in Queensland.

The Chair of the Expert Panel is the Minister for Science and Innovation. The Queensland Chief Scientist is the Deputy Chair. The Deputy Chair will provide leadership and coordination of the Expert Panel.