Cooperation and advice

We also acknowledge with appreciation the support and suggestions of the following organisations and individuals:

  • Australian Academy of Science (AAS): Prof Suzanne Cory, President; Dr Sue Meek, Chief Executive; and Prof Perry Bartlett, Chair Queensland Fellows. (We also acknowledge the format and style of the recent AAS report 'The Science of Climate Change: Questions and Answers' which we have adopted for this report.)
  • Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE): Prof Robin Batterham, President; Dr Vaughan Beck, Executive Director (Technical); and Dr Tom Connor, Co-Chair Water Group
  • Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS): Dr Ian Poiner, Chief Executive Officer
  • Bureau of Meteorology (BoM): Dr Rob Vertessy, Deputy Director (Water)
  • CRC Association: Prof Tony Peacock, Chief Executive
  • CSIRO: Dr Megan Clark, Chief Executive; Dr Andrew Johnson, Group Executive (Environment); and Mr Geoff Podger, Principal Research Scientist, CSIRO Land and Water
  • Commonwealth Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research: Mr Mark Paterson AO, former Secretary
  • Geoscience Australia: Dr Chris Pigram, Chief Executive Officer
  • Institution of Engineers, Australia (Engineers Australia): Mr Rupert Grayston, Acting Chief Executive; Dr David Robinson, Director of Education and Assessment; and Mr Paul Varsanyi, Project Coordinator Australian Rainfall and Runoff Revision Project Steering Committee
  • Queensland Department of Environment and Resource Management (DERM): Dr John Bradley, former Director-General; and Dr Christine Williams, Assistant Director-General (Environmental Sciences)
  • Queensland Department of the Premier and Cabinet (DPC): Mr Ken Smith, former Director-General
  • Queensland Reconstruction Authority: Mr Graeme Newton, Chief Executive
  • Mr Don Carroll, Group Manager, Water and Environment, City Projects Office, Brisbane City Council
  • Dr Ian Chessell, former Chief Scientist, South Australia
  • Dr Graham Mitchell, Chief Scientist, Victoria
  • Prof Mary O'Kane, Chief Scientist and Scientific Engineer, New South Wales
  • Prof Penny Sackett, former Chief Scientist for Australia; and Mr Antonio Mozqueira, Executive Director, Office of the Chief Scientist