2017 National Science Week

This year we took to the skies to get Queenslanders involved in science.

National Science Week is Australia’s annual celebration of science and technology where thousands of individuals—from students to scientists to chefs and musicians—take part in more than 2000 science events across the nation.

Officially taking place from 12–20 August, this year’s school theme was Future Earth.

    The Drone Experience

    The Drone Experience was an educational and fun one-hour activity, held each weekday during National Science Week to give students a hands-on introduction to drone technology.

    Nineteen sessions were delivered over 5 days with 360 year 5 and 6 students from 33 Queensland schools involved in:

    • drone flying training
    • learning about safety procedures
    • a presentation on real world applications
    • a hands-on flying challenge.

    During the week, there was also a professional development session for teachers to introduce them to drone technology and its potential to transform the way we live.

    Read the Minister’s media release, Drone flying lessons for students during National Science Week and listen to Mathilde Dresselle’s interview for ABC Radio Brisbane with students and teachers from Nashville State School and Kenmore State School.

    Young Tall Poppy Science Celebration

    On Friday 11 August in collaboration with the Australian Institute of Policy and Science (AIPS), we hosted a celebration evening to recognise and announce the Queensland Young Tall Poppy Science Award winners.

    Twelve young rising stars who are leading cutting-edge research were acknowledged for their research and excellence in science communication. Dr Lee Hickey from The University of Queensland was awarded the Queensland Young Tall Poppy Scientist of the Year.

    Read more about:

    Awesome activities for kids

    We collated an activity book (PDF, 19.3MB) designed by Queenslanders using science, technology, engineering and mathematics in their jobs. It’s got colouring in, word puzzles, experiments and lots of other fun activities.

    It was distributed at this year’s Ekka, the launch of National Science Week at Garden City Westfield shopping centre, at the Ipswich Hospital and the World of Drones Congress. A number of schools throughout Queensland received the book from visiting scientists as far away as Weipa and Trinity Beach. The Queensland Museum also used the activity book in various events during the week.

    Do you work in STEM?

    Register your interest if you would you like the chance to be featured in future editions of our activity book.

    Scientists visit schools

    The Queensland Chief Scientist encouraged Advance Queensland Research Fellows to visit a school during National Science Week to discuss science careers, the impact of science, benefits of studying science and everything from cell biology to slime and crop water use.

    The Advance Queensland Fellows visited schools across the state, including Mackay, Brisbane, Ipswich and Cleveland areas.

    Minister's message

    Listen to the Science Minister Leeanne Enoch’s message as we celebrate National Science Week.

    Science Minister's message for National Science Week 2017

    Video transcript

    Well welcome to National Science Week 2017. This is the week where we get to celebrate everything great about science, which is pretty easy to do because science is all around us and in everything that we do.

    It's in the way that you prepare your meal at night, it's the most shoes that you're wearing right now and of course it's all around you in the building that you're standing in.

    But of course there's some other things that these about during National Science Week, it's also about where the jobs are the future.

    We know that no matter what job you take or make, from now into the years ahead of us, science technology engineering and maths will play a critical role. Those skills will absolutely be part of any job that you take or makes into the future.

    That's why we need government, industry, research, schools our families our kids to be encouraging science, to get involved in science and to understand how important it is not just today but into the future.

    So my call to action to you during this National Science Week is to get involved in a conversation about science. To make sure that you're promoting science in everything that you do, so that as Queenslander's we can be prepared for the jobs of the future. So in doing that happy National Science Week 2017.

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