2019 National Science Week timetable

This year we are travelling to Maryborough to encourage Queenslanders to get involved in science and celebrate National Science Week.

Regional STEM pop-up in Maryborough—timetables and other information

Information about the courses and classes taking place in Maryborough and surrounds can be found using the links below. Click on the links to download PDFs of the Tuesday 13 August and Wednesday 14 August timetables.

There are two versions of each timetable: one is sorted by trainer and course (timetable by subject) and the other is sorted by school (timetable by school). The complete timetable is provided in the Excel link.

We have colour coded the timetables with school uniform colours for ease of reading.

Course descriptions have been provided by each trainer and can be found in the link below.

Risk assessments from each trainer and evacuation plans for each location are shown at the links below.