Leptospiral Culture Collection

The Leptospiral culture collection at the World Health Organisation (WHO) Laboratory for Reference and Research on Leptospirosis in Brisbane is used in diagnostic pathology applications to identify bacteria and antibodies from patients and animals with Leptospirosis. The library consists of over 300 different types of Leptospira and is one of only several in the world.

The Leptospiral collection supports activities integral to the:

  • Biosecurity Act 2015
  • Public Health Act 2005
  • Quarantine Act 1908.

Access to the collection

Access to the collection is limited to researchers and pathology laboratories that have Physical/Biological Containment Level 2 facilities. Researchers and pathology laboratories wanting exotic Leptospiral cultures will also need to be a Quarantine Approved Level 2 / Class 5.2 Approved Facility with staff trained to work under Quarantine conditions and who are approved by the Federal Department of Agriculture and Water Resources. Transfer Permits issued by the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources will also be required.

For supply of cultures contact the Materials Transfer Coordinator, Forensic and Scientific Services.