Queensland Citizen Science strategy

    About the strategy

    A strategy for Engaging Queenslanders in Science was developed by the Office of the Queensland Chief Scientist in 2016 to fulfil the vision of creating a Queensland population that engages in and recognises, supports and advocates for science.

    The Queensland Citizen Science strategy (PDF, 3.7MB) was developed to support this vision and encourage Queenslanders to be aware of and participate in citizen science projects.

    The Queensland Citizen Science strategy outlines the following three goals to achieve this vision:

    • Raise awareness: work together to ensure the Queensland community has an understanding of citizen science and the projects which are relevant to Queensland
    • Make it easy for our community to find and participate in projects and for scientists to recruit and train citizen scientists; let’s also make it easy to upload, find and use the data
    • Grow the community of citizen scientists and scientists working together to make scientific discoveries.

    Do you want to get involved in citizen science?

    There are many different types of citizen science projects underway in Queensland. You can participate in projects focused on ecology, the environment, biology, astronomy, biochemistry, health, social science and archaeology—to name just a few!

    You can read more:

    Members of the Australian Citizen Science Association can join the Queensland Chapter by emailing info@chiefscientist.qld.gov.au.


    If you’re involved in running a citizen science project that affects Queensland or Queenslanders, you can apply for funding of up to $30,000 over a three year period.

    To be eligible, an applicant must be Queensland based with an ABN, propose a project that meets the definition of citizen science as “public participation and collaboration in scientific research with the aim to increase scientific knowledge”, and address one or more of the Queensland Citizen Science strategy goals.

    Applications for the Queensland Citizen Science Grants are currently closed.

    Read about the 20 recipients and the projects you can get involved in.

    Research to develop the strategy

    To inform the development of the Queensland Citizen Science Strategy, research was undertaken to understand Queenslanders’ perceptions and attitudes towards science (PDF, 3.2MB) .

    This uncovered:

    • one in five (20%) Queenslanders knew what the acronym STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) stands for
    • only 3% of Queenslanders knew the term ‘citizen science’ when first asked about it but when provided with a description this figure rose to about 20%. Of those who did know what citizen science was, about one quarter had participated in projects in Queensland
    • 68% of Queenslanders consider themselves interested in science (down from 74% in 2016).

    The research involved a 10-minute online survey of approximately 1200 residents aged 18 years and over, spread across Queensland.

    As part of the research we also mapped the citizen science projects in Queensland and those that have an impact on Queensland. You can read the Citizen science in Queensland: a review of the current landscape (PDF, 2.5MB) to learn what we found out.

    Projects and progress

    A number of projects are being rolled out as part of the Queensland Citizen Science strategy.

    In conjunction with the Queensland Chapter of the Australian Citizen Association (ACSA) thousands of people were introduced to citizen science during World Science Festival Brisbane Street Science! displays throughout March 2019.

    In honour of Citizen Science Day on 13 April, Queensland Science Facebook and Twitter social channels promoted various citizen science projects—from tree health to platypus monitoring.

    Check out our blog, which provides ten good reasons to try citizen science.

    For more information

    If you are interested in citizen science across Australia read the Mapping Citizen Science in Australia – Participant Report prepared by Yaela Golumbic (2020) which presents findings from an online questionnaire aimed to map citizen science in Australia and determine its diverse goals, stakeholders and practices.

    Read about the grant recipients

    Learn more about the projects funded under the Queensland Citizen Science Grants so you can get involved in citizen science.