Queensland Government R&D expenditure reports

The Queensland Government’s significant investments in science and research, over the last 20 years, have laid a strong foundation from which we can address future challenges.

Since 2004 the Office of the Queensland Chief Scientist (OQCS) has been working with Queensland Government departments to collect detailed information on the money spent by government on research and development (R&D). These reports provide financial information on Queensland Government research and development investments as well as exploring the partnerships and collaborations that exist across government and external to government.

We have established a global reputation for science excellence and research capability and are achieving results and advancement across the spectrum of scientific endeavours. Some achievements include:

  • Australia’s first clinical trial using genetically engineered immune cells to make bone marrow transplants safer for blood cancer patients
  • the world’s largest genetic study of breast cancer
  • coral adaptation research to protect the Great Barrier Reef
  • educational programs for students with autism
  • a new breed of chickpeas.

R&D in the Queensland Government is improving our health, agricultural processes, environmental management and assisting in natural disaster planning. The importance of maintaining this momentum we’ve developed is critical.

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Data from this collection and previous reports is available on the Queensland Government data website.