2020 events

In February, we supported the FameLab science communication training for early career researchers.

The science communication workshop was based on improvisational theatre games underpinned by the latest communication research.

The training covered how to:

  • identify the components of a ‘story’
  • convey complex scientific information in an engaging manner using real world examples and language appropriate for a general public audience
  • apply strategies and techniques to convey the story or  the ‘so what’ of their research
  • apply the techniques to support their FameLab video submission and media interviews.

You can see the finalist videos from the Queensland semi-final which was presented online due to the COVID-19 restrictions.

Thanks Queensland! From FameLab Australia

Each of our Queensland semi-finalists offered us something interesting and exciting to learn. Here are a few highlights from their presentations. We encourage you to watch them all!

Video transcript

Semi-finalist one "Good evening everybody"

Semi-finalist two "We're going to have to stand up our game"

Semi-finalist three "So this lump of a hundred billion nerve cells makes up the human brain"

Semi-finalist four "But usually the most important things are hidden"

Semi-finalist five "Give the people more beer"

Semi-finalist six " Charismatic, like dangerous cult leaders"

Semi-finalist seven "You can watch one hundred and seventy three episodes of the teletubbies in three days"

Semi-finalist eight "Let's get into the details"

Semi-finalist nine "I'm only joking"

Semi-finalist ten "But even then how do we know if they work"

Semi-finalist eleven "However nothing is simple in research"

Semi-finalist twelve "And it means guardians to save the day"

Semi-finalist thirteen "I'm going to enjoy the pineapple on my pizza, thank you"