Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Collection

The Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Collection contains approximately 3500 freshwater macroinvertebrate samples from rivers, streams, springs and other Queensland wetlands.

The distribution of sampling sites is extensive and covers many bioregions and most river catchments– from the arid and semi-arid dryland rivers of the Lake Eyre Basin, to the Wet Tropics and monsoonal areas of the north.

The specimens are not stored taxonomically, but arranged by river system. The database, however, enables location of a taxonomic sample, if required. 

The collection represents a unique geo-referenced resource of aquatic macroinvertebrate fauna from river basins across the state and many samples were collected before the construction of dams or weirs–for example, Walla Weir and Paradise Dam on the Burnett River–and provide an irreplaceable record of past biodiversity.

Access to the collection

If you are a researcher, you can access the collection by prior arrangement.