Native Vegetation Scientific Expert Panel

The Native Vegetation Scientific Expert Panel was established in March 2022 to help understand the factors behind the land clearing identified in the 2018–19 Statewide Land and Trees Study (SLATS) reporting.

The Panel was chaired by the former Queensland Chief Scientist, Professor Hugh Possingham. It comprised eight members, with distinguished scientific reputations and recognised expertise in vegetation management, biodiversity conservation, natural resource and offset economics, behavioural and social sciences, natural capital and climate change sciences, First Nations perspectives and government and policy.


  • Professor Hugh Possingham, The University of Queensland
  • Dr Philippa England, Griffith University
  • Dr Andrea Leverington, Independent
  • Professor Andrew Macintosh, Australian National University
  • Professor Martine Maron, The University of Queensland
  • Mr Nigel Onley, Landholder
  • Dr Stuart Whitten, CSIRO
  • Dr Beth Woods, Independent.

In addition, two First Nations representatives attended all meetings:

  • Ms Shilo Villaflor, Aboriginal Carbon Foundation
  • Mr Jim Walker, The University of Queensland.

Note: The Chair and Panel members did not receive remuneration for their involvement.

The Panel was supported by an Interagency Technical Advisory Group that provided information, monitoring data and analyses, and assisted with understanding the policies and programs associated with the protection of native vegetation, biodiversity and conservation strategies, natural capital and emissions reduction, climate action and Great Barrier Reef protection plans.

The Panel consulted with more than 40 organisations across the agriculture, environment, resources and infrastructure sectors, First Nations, local councils and natural resource management groups, to understand stakeholder perspectives and hear their ideas for solutions to reduce clearing.

The Panel also received written submissions from stakeholders, which included more than 75 solutions-based suggestions for the Panel to consider.

The Panel analysed the drivers of native vegetation clearing across Queensland, and pathways to protect, restore and manage native vegetation for multiple benefits.

In February 2023, the Panel submitted its final report to the former Minister for the Environment and the Great Barrier Reef and Minister for Science and Youth Affairs.


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