International Women’s Day 2018

Issued: 7 Mar 2018

On this International Women’s Day, we celebrate Queensland women who are working in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) jobs. We have some amazing role models — read their thoughts on how women can progress this sector.

Dr Christine Williams
Acting Queensland Chief Scientist

We need more women to pursue careers in STEM. And the problem of under-representation gets worse at senior levels with many women dropping out of these fields in early to mid-career. I think that’s a huge loss. We all know that diversity creates a more enriched environment — people who think differently tend to challenge us and make us think more broadly.

Belinda Spratt
Associate Lecturer (Mathematics), QUT

I love being in STEM as I get to solve problems every day and gain a better understanding of how the world works. I like to use maths to make a difference and I know there are many women working in this space, but we need more!

Rachael Barnes
Mechanical Engineer, BHP Billiton

The whole concept that men are better than women at maths and engineering is antiquated; if we wish to progress in STEM, we have to involve the whole of humanity.

Professor Kathy Andrews
Griffith Institute for Drug Discovery

Careers in STEM can take you in so many interesting directions. As a woman in STEM I think creatively, carry out exciting research, manage projects, help train our next generation of STEM professionals and am also using my skills to produce a children’s STEM book series! I encourage girls and women to press for progress and build the STEM sector.

Dr Anjali Jaiprakash
Advance Queensland Research Fellow Australian Centre for Robotic Vision, QUT

Science and technology are social levellers — they enable the transformation of people’s lives around the world and it gives me a great purpose to be a part of this transformation. Let’s move away from labels and focus on who we are as individuals — let our actions speak for themselves. My family and mentors didn’t think I would achieve less because I am a woman. Be passionate, truthful and be bold — women and men will empower you to succeed.