2020 National Science Week

We celebrate National Science Week to inspire more students to study science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects at school.

National Science Week is an opportunity for everyone to talk science, see science and do science.

In light of COVID-19 restrictions, we are delivering a virtual program this year.

Take a look below and check out these websites to see what other fun and informative National Science Week activities you can get involved in:

    Why do you love STEM? Video interviews with STEM professionals

    We interviewed five Queensland scientists with very different backgrounds and skills to showcase the variety of pathways an interest in STEM subjects can take you.

    These videos will première during National Science Week on the Queensland Science Facebook page. The videos will also be featured in the foyer of the EcoSciences Precinct.

    Visit the Queensland Science Facebook page to watch these videos premiere at 12pm AEST on:

    • Monday 17 August: The science of sport with Dr Kirstin Morris, Queensland Academy of Sport
    • Tuesday 18 August: Astrophysics and dark matter with Professor Tamara Davies AM, The University of Queensland
    • Wednesday 19 August: Chemistry and fire forensics with Dr Matt Smith, Queensland Fire and Emergency Services
    • Thursday 20 August: Green turtles and marine science with Katharine Robertson, Department of Environment and Science
    • Friday 21 August: Cyber security challenges with Professor Ryan Ko, The University of Queensland

    Videos will be available to view on the Facebook page after this date, and will be added to this page at the end of National Science Week 2020.

    Flying Scientists ‘virtual’ visits to regional schools

    In the lead up to National Science Week 2020, the Wonder of Science Flying Scientists created a series of videos explaining their fields of study and fun experiments you can try at home. Take a look at the videos on the Wonder of Science website.

    The Wonder of Science team are also holding live virtual events during National Science Week 2020 featuring a Flying Scientist visiting schools around regional Queensland:

    • Happy Valley State School, Happy Valley
    • Emerald State School, Emerald
    • Cairns School of Distance Education, Cairns
    • St Brendan’s College, Yeppoon
    • Spinifex State College, Mt Isa

    Visit to Moreton Bay College – Deep Blue

    Moreton Bay College are learning about the depths of the ocean during as part of the National Science Week 2020 theme ‘Deep Blue’.

    An Engaging Science Grant 2019/20 recipient The Fabricated Frame, and a Queensland Citizen Science Grant 2019 recipient CoralWatch will visit the school.

    Students will spend the week building a 10,000 piece Lego™ diorama of the ocean ecosystems, and also learn about coral bleaching, why photosynthesis is hard in the deep sea, and the latest innovations in manufacturing applications using native seaweed.

    STEM Awesome activities

    Check out our new 2020 Awesome activities (PDF, 9.4MB) for a host of experiments, colouring-in and word puzzles—just in time for National Science Week.

    It is designed by some of Queensland’s leading professionals working in STEM fields:

    • Associate Professor Chamindie Punyadeera
    • Dr Anu Choudhary
    • Professor Jonti Horner
    • Dr Larisa McLoughlin
    • Dr Bonnie Quigley
    • Dr Jenni Gunter
    • Dr Ben Allen
    • Dr Amanda Dawson
    • Dr Andreas Kupz
    • Dr Sara Herke
    • Dr Maryam Shirmohammadi
    • Dr Jodie Rummer
    • Dr Shaneel Chandra
    • Dr Linlin Ma
    • Dr Robert Clemens
    • Dr Rob Capon
    • Dr Stephanie Schoeppe
    • Julia Lackenby

    If you have primary school aged children who love science, download the:

    Queensland Young Tall Poppy Science awards ceremony

    On 27 August, winners of the 2020 Queensland Young Tall Poppy Science awards will be announced.

    Read more about the awards, an initiative of the Australian Institute of Policy and Science (AIPS), which aim to recognise excellence in research as well as enthusiasm for communicating science beyond the walls of the laboratory at the AIPS website.

    STEM awesome activities

    Meet some of Queensland’s scientists and professionals working in STEM fields and have some fun doing colour-in, word games and experiments. Download (PDF, 9.4MB) .